Etsy auto-renew tool to help keep you product listings fresh and ranking in Etsy search

Check out the listing auto-renew tool for Etsy marketing here:

This Etsy tool helps your products stay fresh in Etsy search by renewing them on a regular basis. All Etsy products need to be renewed, but most Etsy sellers simply forget to renew their product listings and the product listings disappear from search.

If that happens to you, your competitors can jump over you, and you will lose sales. And many people do forget to renew their product listings on Etsy so a tool like this will help to save your time by automating some of the manual processes that you have to do. It will save you time, and it will pay for itself if you save yourself from losing even one sale.

And guess what, if your competitors don’t use an auto-renew tool like this, at some point they will likely forget to auto-renew their own products and they will lose sales. This will be your chance to jump over them in search and beat them.

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