Entrepreneurship: 10 characteristics & strategies for how to become a successful entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship: 10 characteristics and strategies for how to become and what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

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Many people wonder what it means to be an entrepreneur, and think that they are one. Let’s chat about the definition of what it means to be an entrepreneur, and what isn’t one.

Anyone can be entrepreneurial. Women, young people, teenagers, moms, dads, children, people of different cultures and backgrounds. The key is how creative they are at pursuing their ideas, and how creative and hard working they are at solving problems that arise along the way. The hard work is probably the single distinguishing characteristic that goes into the definition and what it means to become an entrepreneur. So if you want to become one, you know what to focus on.

I want to mention one point that I didn’t make in the video. Many people want to be social entrepreneurs, and focus on improving something that they see as wrong in the world. I really like that there are so many young people who have these motivations. I do want to point out that your project must be not only socially positive, but also profitable because whatever your business is, you must make sure that it is self sustaining long-term. Sometimes social entrepreneurs miss that point.

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