English Google SEO office-hours from July 1, 2022

This is a recording of the Google SEO office-hours from July 1, 2022. These sessions cover topics submitted around anything search & website-owner related like crawling, indexing, mobile sites, internationalization, duplicate content, Sitemaps, Search Console, pagination, duplicate content, multi-lingual/multi-regional sites, etc.

Find out more at https://goo.gle/seo-oh-en

00:31 Which number is correct, Page Speed Insights or Search Console?
04:20 How can our JavaScript site get indexed better?
07:35 Does it affect my SEO score if I link to HTTP pages?
08:40 Should I write how people speak?
10:20 Should I delete my disavow file?
12:30 Can I add structured data with Google Tag Manager?
14:20 Is it better to block by robots.txt or with the robots meta tag?
16:38 Can I list the same URL in multiple sitemap files?
19:00 How can I block embedded video pages from getting indexed?
21:15 Is it a problem if I can’t get listed in the HSTS preload list?
25:05 How can I analyze why my site dropped in ranking for its brand name?

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