Do you check before installing 3rd party libraries?

Do you check before installing 3rd party libraries?

Efficient software developers don’t reinvent the wheel and know the right libraries to use. Using an already existing and well-tested libraries will speed up development time.

However, there are scenarios where the libraries that you have integrated in a project brings overhead in the future. For example, the project is using a NuGet package that is no longer being maintained and does not support the latest .NET version. This forces the development team to refactor the code to use another library should they wish to use the latest version of .NET.

Looking for the right library can help to minimise the chances of a project hitting these scenarios. Here are some of the common things to check before installing a library.

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Chris Clement –
SSW Senior Software Architect

Chris is a strong team player, collaborating with other people using Scrum methodology to deliver a project that satisfies both stakeholders and developers. He also loves to build modern solutions with fully configured continuous integration and continuous deployment using tools such as Azure Pipelines or GitHub Actions, aiming to implement DevOps to reduce the process overhead while increasing the reliability and velocity of the development.

Additionally, Chris is also experienced in embedded devices – particularly real-time systems and IoT device design and integration. Chris is experienced in interfacing real-world hardware with software, delivering the information gathered to the cloud.

He also follows mobile and web technology news around the world, keeping up-to-date with the latest technologies. Chris is always happy to discuss and share his knowledge. Chris also enjoys doing nature photography and gaming in his downtime.


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