Distributed Data Governance

A Talk by Philippe Page, Head of the Knowledge Council at The Human Colossus Foundation.

This presentation focuses on distributed governance and how a multi-stakeholder Data Governance Administration (DGA) provides the legal provision to assume responsibility for the consensual veracity of data transactions under its administrative control on behalf of the citizens and legal entities it serves. The role of a DGA aligns closely with that of a “data intermediary” as described in the European Parliament’s recently proposed Data Governance Act, serving as a mediator between those who wish to make their data available and those who seek to leverage that data.

What is “Distributed data governance”?
Data governance is a system of decision rights and accountabilities for information-related processes, executed according to agreed-upon models, which describe who can take what actions with what information and when, under what circumstances, and using what methods. That definition also underpins the concept of distributed data governance, the only difference being that the distributed version is specific to distributed data ecosystems.
Distributed data governance describes an operational framework for the provision of rules, common standards and practices, infrastructures and a distributed governance framework to empower individuals through increased digital access to (and control of) their electronic personal data, nationally and cross-borders, fostering a genuine single market for electronic record systems, relevant components and high-risk artificial intelligence (AI) systems. Multi-stakeholder participation within Data Governance Administrations guarantees the consensual veracity of purpose-driven data agreements while providing a consistent, trustworthy and efficient set-up for personal data use for research, innovation, policy-making and regulatory activities.
Distributed data governance provides a powerful solution for multi-stakeholder collaboration of rules and regulations for safe and secure data sharing within and across distributed data ecosystems.


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