Deploying resources to Azure. with Justin Yoo & Matt Wicks | NDC Sydney 2022

Deploying resources to Azure with Justin Yoo & Matt Wicks

Here at NDC Sydney talking about deploying resources & your applications all with the Azure developer CLI. No more do you have to worry about how clunky other Azure CLIs function. In this demo with one command, you can have all your Azure resources provisioned and application deployed.

00:00 | Intro
03:19 | Demo
07:44 | Summary
09:04 | No bill shock

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Justin Yoo –

Microsoft Cloud Advocate
Justin is a Senior Cloud Advocate at Microsoft and was double-awarded Microsoft MVP in both Azure and Developer Technologies since 2015. He is passionate at serverless technologies, enterprise integration and SRE/DevOps, and tries to find a better way of doing things right and getting things done.

Matt Wicks –
SSW Solution Architect

Matt is an SSW Solution Architect, Certified Scrum Master and one of four Microsoft certified DevOps fast track partner consultants in Australia.
He has been developing solutions using the full Microsoft stack since .NET 2 was in beta.

Matt has had experience with companies ranging from small businesses to large ASX listed companies in the finance, engineering and HR sectors, helping them with:

Build and Release Pipelines (upgrading from XCopy deploy processes to full CI/CD automation on GitHub or Azure DevOps)
Document automation
Process automation
Dynamics 365 CRM
B2B integrations (integrating with Banks and Multinational Petrol companies)
ALM setup and management (using Microsoft and Atlassian stacks)
PABX systems

Matt loves DevOps, DevOps, and DevOps. He loves deploying code with GitHub Actions, Azure DevOps Build Pipelines, Octopus and definitely not with a right click. Matt likes clean architecture, using the right tool for the job, seeing developers push changes to production with confidence, automated tests, building solutions on Azure, and now he never has to reminisce about Web Forms.


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