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A Daily News Brief is your daily digest of hand-picked, business-critical news, delivered right to your inbox. Start your day with the media mentions and intel you need about your brand, industry, and competitors. Briefs are easy to share across your organization, keeping your teams up-to-date.

Daily News Briefs are custom-built for your organization―you choose the keywords and competitors that you want to monitor, and our team does the rest. We’ll curate and monitor your Brief so it’s free of duplicate information and noise, giving you a comprehensive report of:

– Online media coverage
– Industry news
– Social media mentions

Daily News Briefs give you more than just clips―you get actionable insights that uncover opportunities for better customer service, crisis management, competitor monitoring, and more.

It’s easy to get started―contact us today: NewsBrief@Intrado.com.

Learn more: https://www.intrado.com/digital-media

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