Charley Spektor On Keyword Opportunities In Google Search Console & Pillar Pages

In part one, we spoke about Charley Spektor’s background and the joys of working on the Home Depot project and link building around that.

(0:34) Discovering New Keyword Opportunities In Google Search Console

Google Search Console is an amazing tool for the B2B space Charley said. Search Console gives you details on what keywords you can compete on. You can see in Search Console in the performance report what Google is letting your site “nibble” at he said. And beef up the content around those keyword phrases and test it out. You can then branch out from there and and build more content around those areas.

(1:34) Creating Pillar Pages For SEO

All of this is produced through numerous pillar pages and blog posts. He said they want at least three blog posts per pillar page and the pillar pages are interlinked as well. Of course, all the content is unique and not rehashed. They use to be called “content hubs” but now they are called “pillar pages.” With Google’s natural language processing, it makes it even more important to build these pillar pages properly into your navigation.

(5:02) Hub & Spokes In Search Engine Indexes

In short, a lot of this is like the old days of how the old search engines would create index maps through hubs, spokes, etc. He said normally after you implement this, you will see some success in a few weeks. There is an 80/20 rule, the 20% do super well and the 80% do okay.

You really see big shifts with the Google core updates, he said. He said sometimes these core updates hit you hard and then you can recover big in the next update.

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