Business plan & start: how to become a personal trainer, get clients and make money training people

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In this video tutorial I interview my personal trainer Joey Zanca about how to become a personal trainer, and make a living and a career out of it. Many people want to become personal trainers. In fact, on my Problemio business apps, this is one of the most common types of business that people ask about. There are many great things about this kind of business. You can stay in shape, work with people, have fun and flexible schedules, and live a generally flexible lifestyle. But it ins’t easy to become a personal trainer. In this tutorial we explain how to do it.

The first thing we discuss is the licenses and permits that are required of personal trainers. Joey explains what licenses and permits you need to look into. Additionally, we discuss how to be a personal trainer in a gym, and how to get clients outside of a gym, and what the differences are. We also talk about what kind of people are best suited to be trainers, and how to get work at a gym if you have no prior experience.

Parts of this conversation pertain directly to writing a business plan for a personal trainer business. You should be aware of the marketing, how to provide this service to a high degree of quality, and ultimately the strategies to grow your personal training practice. After watching this video you will have a very good idea of how to get started and become a personal trainer.

If you are already working as a personal trainer in any capacity, please post your comments in the comments section of this video so we can all learn from your experiences, and discuss various related issues further.

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