Business plan book progress – success as self published Kindle book author doesn’t come overnight

For anyone curious, here is the business plan book:

Here are some of my Kindle courses:

1) How to write a good book even if you are not a good writer by outsourcing:

How to use CreateSpace to upload your book to Amazon:

How to sell many books and become a bestselling author on Amazon:

In this video I show the inside of my Amazon Author Central, and share a journey of one of my books. It took a year for my self-published Kindle and paperback book to go from 4 million rank to break into the top 10,000 books

Learn more about start-ups, small businesses, and lifestyle businesses with my books, coaching, or courses.

My business coaching:

Course licensing:

My books:

My business plan book:

My eCommerce store selling t-shirts:

Online course discounts:

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