Brian Wallace On Good vs. Bad Infographics & The Process To Make Infographics #159

In part one we spoke about how Brian Wallace of NowSourcing got into infographics, how it is not just about links but much more and some cool scores he had with them. In part two, we talk about measuring the success of infographics and other uses for infographics.

0:07 – Infographic Fails & Where Infographics Go Wrong
2:40 – What Makes Infographics
5:18 – Process To Make An Infographic

I tried to get Brian to shame some infographics and he said he use to have a blog that did just that but now he doesn’t want to do that anymore. Instead, he gave us a list of what not to do with infographics.

Do Not Do For Infographics:

* Roadmap infographics are overdone
* Timeline infographics are also overdone and often boring
* The header of the infographic is not thought enough about
* Going the distance with infographics is often not done
* Embed codes

What Makes A Great Infographic:

Brain explained that it is more about putting the story before the data because you can always run a survey later to get the data. You must start with a story to have a great infographic,. You can also always make your data say anything you want it. So first start with the stories people want to read, by using maybe Google Trends, Google’s people also ask, ask journalists, see what people are writing or repurpose your content or someone else’s content. You need to make sure you pull in interest from both the right and left side of the brain.

Process To Make An Infographic:

Brain then walked us through the process to make an infographic and it starts with ideation which is that one headline that you want to communicate with the infographic. Then the seed of the idea spreads out to the research team, where the research team does the blueprint, which is part narrative and data and weave it together. Then it goes to design from there but that is very subjective, so they try to fit the brand and also design it in a way so it catches. Then it gets Implemented and then tested and then is gets promoted out.

In short, NowSourcing makes ideas simple, visualize and influential.

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