Brett Bodofsky On His Passion For Paid Search & Sharing With Others – Vlog #132

Brett Bodofsky is the senior paid media specialist at Elumynt, he explained how he got into doing paid search. He actually went from being a web developer to a paid search specialist. He was very self taught when it comes to PPC but learned a lot from the Google Ads help documents, and the various communities.

He discussed ways you can give back to your community as a digital marketer. He is super passionate about learning and more so, helping others learn and he dropped tons of names of those who have helped him and others. He mentioned the paid search association is launching its mentorship program, also the Google product expert program is another way to get involved in helping in the community. Also, consider doing your own vlog or do a podcast and be guests on these podcasts and vlogs; he called out some of his favorite paid search podcasts. Of course, writing articles and just sharing what you can to help the community.

We spoke about:

2:48 – Learning Paid Search & PPC
5:25 – Helping The Search Marketing Community
6:15 – Paid Search Association Mentorship Program
6:52 – Google Product Expert Program
10:55 – Vlogs, Podcasts, Blogs, etc

You can learn more about Brett Bodofsky on Twitter and LinkedIn @BrettBodofsky.

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