Alex Genadinik On Why Focusing On Niches For SEO Is Important – Vlog #110

Alex Genadinik is in the business of helping businesses and individuals learn about SEO and digital marketing. He owns a company named Problemio and is a top 1% instructor at Udemy and has authored numerous bestselling books on Amazon. Alex has been doing SEO for about 15 years now, he started out as a software engineer and he quickly learned that he can reverse engineer search and do SEO to do well in Google Search. So Alex came from the developer background into SEO. He always did his own thing, he never worked for an SEO agency or company – he always did his own thing.

Focus On Niches To Succeed In SEO (3:40)

Alex says when it comes to SEO, you need to figure out how you are differentiated from your competitors in your niche. Don’t get into very competitive niches. He starts to explain his Wave If You Like concept, where you need something that is catchy, memorable, friendly, viral and it has to be brandable. He can make these t-shirts, you can send these t-shirts to influencers and others and it can catch on like that. He said all those things align and it helps you get social media motions, publicity and then the SEO will kick in.

If you just do a “me-too” company then you are not setting yourself up for success. You need something that is unique and different to set you up to succeed in SEO. So Alex is super into niches and impacting those niche spaces in a huge way.

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