Affiliate marketing How to make money with Commission Junction, now called CJ Affiliate

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In this video tutorial, I talk about how to make money with CommissionJunction which is a website that aggregates affiliate offers and programs from many different reputable sites. I generally like CommissionJunction ( because of the variety of offers it has, and the reputable companies that post their affiliate programs on that site. CJ has a range of affiliate programs from pay per call to CPA offers to typical commission based affiliates where you get paid after generating a sale.

I personally use a number of affiliate programs that I found on Commission Junction over time. Sometimes I find affiliate offers there, and actually go to the company directly to use their affiliate program via their site instead of via CJ. Whether it is a good idea depends on the kind of affiliate program you are considering signing up for as an affiliate marketing reseller. Give CJ a try. I think you will like it.

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