Affiliate cookies and how cookie duration length in affiliate marketing effecting earnings

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Affiliate cookies and how cookie duration length in affiliate marketing effecting earnings.

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In this tutorial I discuss an important aspect of affiliate marketing, and that is the affiliate cookie duration. The affiliate cookie is set when a person comes to a site. It is used to track that person’s computer. If that person visits a site, doesn’t buy anything that day, but comes back another time, the affiliate cookie is used to give the referring site the credit and the commission. The cookie doesn’t live on a person’s computer forever. It has an expiration date. Some affiliate sites have a cookie length of 90 days and some have the cookie length as short as one day.

Many people don’t look too hard at the cookie duration for a given offer, but it can make a significant difference in your affiliate earnings because people almost never buy things right away. They usually spend time thinking about the purchase, research the product further, and only come to a decision days or weeks later. That means that the longer your cookie duration is, the more chance you will have to make money from the particular referral.

Keep this in mind next time you decide to promote an affiliate product. Don’t overlook the affiliate cookie length. The best lengths are 30 days and over. If you choose something with a short cookie length, make sure that it is an impulse buy or an easy impulse action that you would want people to make. If the purchase is expensive or requires thinking or research on the part of the consumer, opt for offers that have longer affiliate cookie lengths.

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