Advanced App Promotion: $1,000,000 Mobile App Game. Downloads From Ads, Apple Featured & Techcrunch

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In this video, I share app promotion advice from Steve P. Young on how to create a successful mobile app game through user testing, boosting engagement, user retention, rank for competitive App Store and Google Play ASO keywords, and run Apple, Android and Facebook ads, and getting featured.

Game apps that execute app promotion well, rise above many other games, and become some of the most popular games in app stores.

In addition to app promotion, I also discuss how to maximize revenue from each app user, and strategies for getting cheaper ad clicks and cheaper downloads from ads.

If you have a game app, you need to become an absolute pro at app promotion because there are hundreds of thousands of games apps and you must promote your app better than anyone.

If you think you will promote your app on social media and with Instagram or Facebook, think again. You might get a couple of downloads from Instagram or Facebook, but that will be it. Professional and advanced app promotion strategies have to do with taking advantage of some of the biggest sources of app downloads like app ASO, getting featured in Apple App Store and Google Play, running effective ads, and getting publicity in magazines like Techcrunch and Mashable.

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