40 Business idea tips: how to get new business ideas, tell which are good and start your business

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This video and my course on how to go from business ideas to a successful business applies to local small business ideas, home business ideas, mobile app ideas and other online business ideas you might come up with. It is very versatile because first and foremost it introduces you to proper fundamentals to help you choose good business ideas to go after and execute with success.

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In this video tutorial, I talk about how to get different types of business ideas, how to know which business idea is right for you, and how to decide which idea to pursue.

There are many types of ideas you can pursue. You can create a startup business idea or an idea for a home-based business that you can work on from the comfort of your home and have no boss.

Many people ask me to recommend them some of the best home based business ideas, or businesses that they can do online. Others ask me for startup business ideas which are different than simple home based businesses that people can do on the side. And on my apps and in my online courses, people ask home for good local business ideas that still work.

Instead of giving people ideas that I think are good, I prefer to educate people about what business ideas are best for them, and how to figure out which ideas are best for their unique situation.

In this video I talk about 40 aspects or issues that come up for most people at one point or another when they are just beginning to think of what business they should get into. Some of these are tips and strategies while some of these are industry good practices, and some of these are simply advice on things I’ve experienced and learned along the way in my own entrepreneurship journey.

If you have a business idea, and not sure what you should do next or not sure how to go about pursuing your business and actually getting it started, this video will answer many of your questions, and open your eyes to some things to think about and consider.

In this tutorial you will learn how to choose your ideas, how to know which ideas are bad and which are great. You will also learn the difference between innovative ideas vs. standard ideas that have been done before, and the amounts and types of business risk associated with each. You will also learn how to protect your intellectual property (business ideas are intellectual property) and much more.

So don’t be scared by the length of this video. After you watch it you will get better new business ideas, learn a little bit about business planning to help you understand which ones are great and worth pursuing, and much more.

So again, whether you are looking for best business ideas for women, or best home business ideas you can do to supplement your income, the fundamentals in this tutorial should help you.

So if you have a small business idea for a local business, or a home based business idea, check out this video and the extra resources like my books and courses, and best of luck!

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