36 steps: how to become an Amazon bestselling author – how to write a book, sell books & make money

Here is a link to my course on how to write a book even if you don’t like to write:

Here is the link to my course on book marketing and how to become a bestselling Amazon and Kindle author:

Here is my course with marketing strategies to reach 1,000,000 people:

Here is my course on advanced SEO keyword research which will help you promote your book with Amazon SEO and Kindle SEO better than other books do:

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In this tutorial, I explain how you can create a book even if you don’t think you are a good writer, publish your book on Amazon and the Kindle by uploading it through CreateSpace.com, having your book available as an ebook on the Kindle and as a hardcover on Amazon, Kindle unlimited, and then how to sell your book with proper book marketing on Amazon SEO, Amazon recommendation algorithm, and also Amazon book. categories.

By the way, when you publish your book through Kindle KDP, your book will also be sold on the CreateSpace store, and on websites like Goodreads, and other websites in the Amazon book network.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to become a bestselling Amazon author, how to create a book cover, how to get the book edited, how to get your book recorded and transcribed, and how to sell your book by teaching you Amazon marketing, and how to make money from your book on Kindle unlimited, Amazon, and by selling the ebook on the Kindle.

You can also hire me as your book strategy coach so I can guide you through the planning, creation, publishing, and book sales on Amazon. I will help to take you through that full author cycle.

After you understand how this works, you can write many books, do proper book marketing, and make a full-time income selling books on Amazon.

Write books, do book marketing, sell books, make money on Amazon, be happy, and then write more books, do more book marketing, sell more books, and do this until you meet all your financial goals for yourself. Amazon is an amazing platform where you can really sell many books.

Learn more about selling and promoting books, start-ups, small businesses, and lifestyle businesses with my books, coaching, or courses.

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