2 strategies to become an Amazon and Kindle best seller TODAY: rank #1 in Kindle categories & search

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How to become an amazon best seller: strategy to rank #1 in Kindle categories and on top seller lists.

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In this tutorial I give two strategies for how to become an Amazon or Kindle best seller within mere days of launching your book. The first strategy has to do with promoting the book to your own list and various online destinations like coupon sites, deal sites, and Kindle or book reader groups. The other strategy which is more powerful has to do with leveraging existing strong online marketers and well known people who have a large existing audience to get all of them to promote your book.

The first strategy to become a best seller is one I use. That strategy involves creating a free promotion and posting that free promotion to different places like forums, various Kindle reader groups, sending that promotion to your email list or any other list you can think of where people might be interested in your book. In the video I show the results of doing that kind of a promotion. They depend on how much outreach you will be able to do, and the size of your own mailing list.

The second strategy I discuss in the video is the strategy to write a book where you interview or highlight successful people. When you do that, those successful people will have incentive to promote your book when you launch it on Amazon or the Kindle. And because those people are successful, they typically have large email lists of their own which they will use to promote your book. In the tutorial I show the tremendous results that this strategy can yield in just one day.

Another strategy to become an Amazon best seller is a simple one that can happen over time. If you simply keep selling your book at a good rate, and getting it to rank for better and better searches, the book will ultimately sell enough copies to become a best seller. There are no short cuts, and this strategy involves a lot of hard work, but it is quite viable.

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