15 fundraising ideas and strategies: raise money for your business

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Here is the link to the video with 50 ways to make money online: http://youtu.be/XcIleEkezBY

In this tutorial, I explain 15 fundraising strategies and ideas that you can use to raise money for your business. It is a pretty comprehensive list, and covers topics like loans, grants, investors, donations, crowdfunding, bootstrapping, and some creative strategies that you can use to raise money for your business.

Another cool thing about this video is that it has online and offline fundraiser strategies, and you can use the ideas in this tutorial for any kind of a project, business, nonprofit, or school.

In this tutorial, you get 15 ways to raise money for your business. I have direct experience with many of those fundraising strategies. To raise funds for my businesses in the past, I have put on successful events, made money online with digital products to them put that money towards my business, did freelancing online, and worked full-time and part-time jobs. For me, all those ways to fund my business ideas worked great, and I would recommend them.

What didn’t work for me was grants or investors. Those fundraising strategies just wasted my time. And if I tried to do crowdfunding, I have a feeling that this would waste my time as well because crowdfunding is challenging these days, and it isn’t as simple as it seems to get someone to give you a donation.

Additionally, here is a tutorial for how to raise money by making money online with Fiverr:

Here is a way to raise money for your business by earning it on Udemy:

And here are a few of my older but helpful fundraising videos.

Here is a tutorial on fundraising with donations and crowdfunding:

Here is a tutorial on how to raise money with grants:

Here is a tutorial on how to make money with Etsy and put those funds towards your company or project:

And here is a full affiliate marketing tutorial, which is a strategy you can use to raise money by earning it online, and putting it towards your business:

All in all, I don’t want to make it seem like fundraising is easy, or even that most people are successful. In fact, it is difficult, and most people who sit back and wait for money to come to them never get any money. People who are successful are ones who work hard, are creative and resourceful, keep trying and don’t give up. That is the truth.

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