#1 Mistake Choosing A Business Niche Or Affiliate Niche With ClickFunnels Landing Pages & Ads

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In this video, I go over the #1 mistake everyone makes when choosing their business niche. First, people choose some giant industry they don’t know. Then they set up a ClickFunnels landing page and give away some worthless pdf ebook that no one wants to read. Furthermore, they themselves probably never read that ebook and don’t know quite how bad it is.

After people set up their affiliate offer on the ClickFunnels landing page, they run ads to it, and of course, lose money. The more ads they run the more money they lose. This goes on for a while until they realize that they are making a mistake.

There are actually a few mistakes when it comes to choosing a niche in this way. The first is taking bad advice. The second is not providing any real value. The third niche mistake is choosing a big industry and not an actual niche, and the fourth is being naive and thinking that because someone on YouTube said this will work that it will actually work.

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